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Brooke MacKenzie grew up in Wayzata, Minnesota, and spent her formative years living in a haunted house (but that’s another story…).  She received a BA from Sarah Lawrence College, and an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Brooke has been an educator in a variety of settings, including urban public, charter, and independent schools.  She also spent two years in Bangkok, Thailand developing the curriculum for an international school. She is currently a private tutor, which allows her to focus more on writing.


Brooke has published a number of personal and educational essays and articles.  Her work has appeared in Nerve Magazine, Teacher Magazine, Ed: The Magazine of the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Edutopia (The George Lucas Foundation website), and other places. Brooke’s short horror fiction has appeared in Who Knocks? Magazine and the Zimbell House Publishing anthology, The Dead Game. Her story, “The Three Kings Game”, won a horror fiction contest on the website Fanstory.


Brooke’s first book of short horror fiction will be published in 2020.


When she is not teaching or writing, Brooke can be found at spin class or in the kitchen attempting to bake somewhat edible creations. She is also the Board Chair of the New York Writers Coalition, which is the largest community based writing organization in the country. She lives in New York City with her husband.


Who Knocks? Magazine: “The Elevator Game” (Issue #2, 2019) and “The Three Kings Game” (Issue #3, 2019)


Zimbell House Publishing: "The Bathtub Game" (The Dead Games Anthology, April 2020)

“The Three Kings Game” was the winner of a Horror Fiction contest on the website Fanstory.  "The Elevator Game" appeared on the preliminary ballot for the 2019 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Short Fiction 

Essays and Articles:

Ed. Magazine: A to Z: How Brooke McCaffrey Read Her Way to Education


Teacher Magazine: “Sticking with Students” (2014) and “Watchful Pedagogy” (2012)


Literacy Today: “Fuzzing Thinking” (2016) and “The Power of the Picture” (2017)


Edutopia: One Quick Thing, Teaching Students to Read Metacognitively, How to Teach Handwriting


Nerve Magazine: “No Refunds for Non-Believers: How a Psychic Scammer Fixed Me” (2014, as Brooke Meadows)


Minnesota Women’s Press: “What Would Jackie Do?” (2011)

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