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The origin of this game is not entirely clear.  It seems to be the brainchild of some folks who posted it on an Internet forum and it has taken off from there.  The object of the game is to summon spirits from “The Shadowside.” Before playing, a player sets up three chairs, sits in one, and places mirrors in the other two. From the player’s perspective, the player is the king, while the entities that will appear in the mirrors are the queen and the fool.  However, from the entities’  perspectives, each one of them is king, while the others are the queen and the fool (hence the “three kings”).  This game requires many different materials (for instance, in addition to the mirrors, the player also needs a candle, fan, bucket of water, and other items) and a list of intricate instructions that must be followed to the letter.  There have been many stories across the Internet that detail actual experiences that players have had during the game.  This much is clear: the game is terrifying, and, if the instructions are not followed perfectly, it can even be dangerous.  Are you brave enough to try it?

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