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About The Scary Abecedary

 “With 26 poems teased from skin and tissue and veiny threads, Brooke MacKenzie’s The Scary Abecedary resounds with brutality, fragility, and fear. A startling debut and a lesson for our times.”


Lee Murray, five-time Bram Stoker Award®-winner
and author of Tortured Will


Praise for The Scary Abecedary:


An “abecedary” (ey-bee-see-duh-ree)
is an alphabet book.

In Brooke MacKenzie’s poetry collection, The Scary Abecedary, each letter of the alphabet has been assigned a poem, and each poem reveals a different fright or terror or agony.  The poems are sometimes scary, sometimes gruesome, sometimes subversive, and even deeply personal.  As the introduction states,


There are so many frightening things
And in my imposing an alphabetic structure
onto them,
I am attempting to control and contain them
It is a futile effort to make everything seem less scary


Each poem is accompanied by a line drawing by Branigan Reed. It was an epic collaboration, and these drawings truly bring out the raw beauty of the words.  So, come!  Dive in!  Let the poetry grab you by the entrails and never let go. 

You can find the book on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or
place an order through your favorite local bookstore.


Author’s Note:

The Scary Abecedary was published by Curved Quill Press, which is a poetry imprint that the publisher started because of this book!  

About the Artist: 

Branigan Reed is a teaching artist, performer & all around rock-star. She spends her time trying to make the world a better place by helping people see the beauty they possess within themselves, then encouraging them to let it shine. She also sings a lot of Karaoke and reads a ton of books. Branigan lives in Salem, MA with her family, and fellow witchy-folk


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