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The Games

Elevator Game2.png



This game originated in Korea.  Through pressing a series of buttons in an elevator, in a building with at least ten floors, a player can be transported to an alternate dimension.  The player will know that the game has succeeded when the elevator opens and the hallway—which still looks identical to the one in the building—is completely dark.  And there, in the darkness, will be a glowing red cross.  One of the game’s most important rules: if you encounter a woman while playing the game, do not speak or interact with her.  She will lure you into the other dimension and you will be trapped there forever.  This game became firmly entrenched in urban legend after the tragic death of Elisa Lam, who was found floating in a water tank at The Cecil Hotel.  The last time she was seen alive was on an elevator security camera, and she was behaving erratically—hiding and talking to someone who wasn’t there.  Some people believe that what we were seeing in the video was Elisa playing the Elevator Game.  What do you think?

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