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About The Book

Play at your Peril

Spine-tingling stories of horror that will delight
anyone seeking a harrowing adventure 

Ghost Games

The riveting stories that comprise Brooke McKenzie’s Ghost Games explore the dark side of the internet, where the ‘games’ that are played are anything but. The narratives derive their power from the juxtaposition of the visible world and the one that exists unseen beside it. Whether inadvertently releasing demons or getting caught in an alternate dimension, the women in these stories suddenly find themselves in a kind of jeopardy they never imagined. Absorbing and genuinely terrifying, the stories of Ghost Games will stay with you long after you close the book.” -


Kathleen Donohoe,
author of Ghosts of the Missing and Ashes of Fiery Weather.


Do not play these games.  This is the standard Internet disclaimer given to anyone who wishes to summon the supernatural through a potentially dangerous ritual or game.  


But how scary can a game really be?


As it turns out, games can be terrifying. GHOST GAMES is a collection of short horror fiction intended for adults (but appropriate for young adults), in which the female main characters throw caution to the wind, play a game, and summon an entity.  What happens next will make you think twice before riding in an elevator, looking in a mirror, or soaking in a bathtub. There are seven fictional stories—each one devoted to a specific game—and one non-fiction story, in which the author describes her real-life encounter with an evil spirit after playing with a Ouija Board.

The stories in GHOST GAMES thrill with satisfying scares, and tap into each character’s internal psychological struggles as the motivation behind wanting to escape reality. The reader develops a relationship with the characters, making each of their experiences all the more harrowing.  While the stories themselves are fiction, each of the games they describe has a life of its own on the Internet, and several forums are filled with firsthand accounts of bold (or foolhardy) players who played the games with terrifying results. 



The Games

Elevator Game.png

The Elevator Game


The Telephone Game 


The Three Kings Game


  The Bathtub Game


The Closet Game


The Hide and Seek Game


Bloody Mary


Ouija Board

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