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Who among us hasn’t checked under the bed or in the closet for monsters?  It is a tale as old as time, reflecting our primal fear of the dark.  In this game, a single player summons a demon in a closet by lighting a match and saying a few simple words.  When the game is successful, two glowing orbs will peer out at you from the darkness.  The origin of this game is unknown, as it appears to be a creepypasta  that has been passed around the Internet.  This game is dangerous for two reasons: one, demons are not to be trifled with, and several players have reported frightening occurrences after playing the game that go far beyond seeing a hovering pair of eyes.  And two, it is not safe to light a match in a closet unless there is plenty of space and ventilation.  So…who will be throwing caution to the wind and playing it anyway?

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