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This game is, arguably, the most well-known of the ghost games.  It is a centerpiece of many a slumber party.  Participants have enjoyed the delicious thrill of this game for generations, and most likely will for generations to come.  This game is rooted in legend, which has several different versions. Some believe that Bloody Mary’s origins are historical in nature, and that she is the spirit of Mary I, Queen of England. She had a penchant for slaughtering Protestants (she herself was a Catholic), which earned her the nickname “Bloody Mary.” Another version of the legend centers around Mary Worth – a witch who lived in Chicago around the time of the Civil War. She was a practitioner of the dark arts, and eventually burned at the stake. A more modern interpretation is that Mary is a woman whose face was badly mutilated in a car accident, and when she is summoned, she will reach out of the mirror and scratch the players’ faces – mutilating them in turn.  Have you ever summoned Bloody Mary?

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