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  • Brooke MacKenzie

Meditation Magazine | How To Meditate: A Quick Crystal Coronavirus Relief Ritual

These are crazy times with Coronavirus spreading across the globe. Being quarantined can feel at times restful and restorative, and other times frustrating and stressful. If you find yourself in the latter category, sometimes adding a little something extra to your routine can help. While yoga, binge watching true crime, and taking up cross stitching are certainly worthy pursuits, I recommend adding some dazzle to your day by working with crystals. Think crystals are just for new age hippies? Think again! From a purely scientific standpoint, crystals have a symmetrical atomic structure, called a “crystal lattice,” which makes them powerful energy holders and transmitters. Just look at what they’ve done for watches. It therefore follows that since the beginning of time, people have seen crystals as tools for healing and relieving stress. In other words, a crystal is the perfect thing to hold in your hand during a global pandemic. It should be noted, of course, that crystals do not provide invincibility: they are in no way meant to replace social distancing measures, proper handwashing, or medical treatment from a doctor. What they can provide, however, is some comfort, peace of mind, and protection.

This ritual is designed to help you “program” a crystal to fulfill a particular need you may have during this Age of Coronavirus. If you are a crystal newbie, this is the perfect place to start to cultivate what will be a lovely long-term relationship with crystals. Are you already a proficient crystal worker? Add this to your toolkit! Step 1: Acquire the quartz. For this ritual, I recommend using a clear quartz crystal. These crystals are great energy transmitters, and can be easily programmed. Even just having one of these friendly rocks in a room in your home can clear out any stagnant energy. Quartz crystals are readily available on Amazon or Etsy. Buyer beware: don’t be too quick with that buy button! You want to make sure that you purchase a crystal that resonates with you. I recommend looking at the pictures closely, taking your time, and listening to your intuition when it tells you that a crystal is just right.

Step 2: Cleanse the crystal. Since crystals store and transmit energy, it is important to cleanse them right after you purchase them to get rid of anything negative or unwanted and prepare them for a fresh start with you. My favorite way of cleansing clear quartz is by sprinkling some salt into a bowl of water (glass bowls and Himalayan salt are preferable) and leaving the crystal to soak overnight on a windowsill. This way, your crystal gets the double whammy of both a saltwater and “moon bath” (any phase of the moon is fine, but a full moon is particularly powerful). Cleansing should be done regularly – weekly or monthly, depending on how often you work with your stone. Every so often, leave your crystal in a sunny spot to soak up some rays for a few hours. This energizes your crystal, and works not unlike plugging your phone into a charger. Also, watching your crystal shine and sparkle in the sunlight is an instant mood booster!

Step 3: Internalize the intentions. Take a moment and think about what you truly need during this time of isolation and anxiety. Do you want to charge your crystal with health and wellness vibes? A calm state of mind? A boost of creativity to get you through the endless days? Think about exactly what you want, visualize it, and say it in your brain a few times. It is best to be as specific as possible, and only choose one thing. Being focused in your intention will help your crystal be focused with its energy.

Step 4: Let the light in. In this step, you will program your crystal with your intention. Hold your crystal in your right hand, which is your energy giving hand, and close your eyes. Take some deep breaths. Bring your crystal to your third eye chakra (right between your brows), and picture a beam of white light emanating from your chakra and into the crystal, filling it with energy. Repeat several times, either silently or aloud, your intention: “I am programming this crystal for [health/calm/creativity]. So may it be.” Repeat your intention until you are satisfied.

Step 5: Work with the wonderful. Now that you have programmed your crystal, it is ready to work with you! Here are some things you can do with it:

  • Throughout the day as you go about your business, just pick up your crystal and hold it in your left hand, which is your energy receiving hand, every so often. Be sure to hold it in moments when you particularly need a little extra love and light. For instance, I especially recommend doing this while watching the news….

  • Put the crystal in a place where you will see it throughout the day. Sometimes just looking at a crystal can put you at ease.

  • Place your crystal under your pillow to blanket your body in good juju while you sleep.

  • Meditate with your crystal. Hold it in your hand if you are seated, or place it on your heart if you are lying down. Still the mind, breathe deeply, and allow the crystal’s energy to circulate through you.

  • Take a bath with your crystal. The crystal will charge the water and you can lie there and soak up the vibrational goodness.

Want to reprogram your crystal with something different? No problem! Just repeat the entire ritual from step two (don’t skip the cleansing step!). Stay well, and enjoy these beautiful gifts from Mother Earth.


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