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Book Launch News

It has been an exciting time! GHOST GAMES has made its way into the world, and it spent several days on the Amazon bestseller list for Ghost Fiction! It also spent almost a week on the new releases list! I am thrilled and overwhelmed by the response that it has received. I’m still wrapping my mind around the fact that I live in a world in which a book that I wrote exists….

I had a fantastic in-person launch event. It took place, rather appropriately, above a Wiccan shop in Grass Valley, CA (Loot and Lore!). It was a perfect space, which we spruced up with candles, floral arrangements, an incredible charcuterie spread, and some custom made cookies. The turnout was wonderful (we didn’t get a picture of the entire group, but we got most of us!), and there was even a special surprise: my sweet cousin, Tracy, flew in from Minnesota for the event!

The photos were taken by the talented Leanna Flecky–who also took my author headshot–and these pictures captured an event that was most definitely a dream come true for me. Thank you to everyone who attended!


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